What is it?

38 acres of organic coastal ranch in Kenya, 60kms north of Mombasa, containing tall coconut, mango and giant cashew nut trees growing amid spacious open grassland.

The farm is "off-grid", with solar energy being used for lighting, charging mobile devices and running the pump in the 25 metre deep well.

The Shamba employs five resident workers on a communal employment structure. With no hierarchy and equal pay it aims to develop a sense of autonomy and responsibility towards the sense of place.

The Shamba is owned and managed by Jochen. As a younger man, German born Jochen, spent much time in Kenya before emigrating with his family to New Zealand where, for 20 years, he was a successful artist, selling his work internationally. In 2009 the circle completed itself when Jochen left New Zealand to return to Kenya, using his innate creativity to establish an idyllic African life-style on the Kenyan Coast.

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Our Organic Products

As a biodynamic farm, our product range changes according to the mood of nature and season.

Some of our latest products are:

Tamarind Paste


Tamarind Paste


Tamarind is not only super healthy, but also tasty and a great way to give your favorite dish that extra pinch of fresh flavor.

The process of removing seeds and fibres from the pods is rather time consuming, so we took-over this part for you and offer you a ready-for-use:

Tamarind Paste

Neem Shampoo


Our Solid Neem Shampoo Bar

Anti-Lice, Anti-Dandruff 

Our solid shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients that are gentle to your hair & scalp. Neem leaf and neem bark extracts as well as carefully chosen essential oils fight off scalp issues like redness, itchiness, and dandruff whilst being an effective remedy against flees, ticks and head lice without causing any side effects or skin irritation.

 Neem Shampoo


We believe...

... that we need to approach our relationship with nature with respect rather than simply being on the receiving end in life.

We created our organic farm to provide the atmosphere where nature can recuperate and thrive.

How we intend to do this? Read more under Organic Farming


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Takaungu Escape
Jochen Schmidt
Takaungu, Kilifi, Kenya