Build Your Own Dream House

On 30 acres of land on the Kenyan Coast we are developing a sustainable organic living for more than ourselves.

We are inviting people who would like to share this life-style with us and have their own house built for their needs and their budget. Retirement, holiday, weekend or just an escape.

You will live in groomed and established lease grounds where you and your property will be looked after.

We suggest that you come to visit the shamba experience the atmosphere and see with your own eyes what is there. We can then discuss how your personal retreat should look like, where it should be located and the facilities it should have. Based on this we will make drawings and give you a quote, you approve, we take on the building and supervision of the project, you can come to visit (staying in one of the other houses) whilst yours is being built.

Contact Us for More...

If you would like to build your own Life Style House on the Takaungu Escape or you would like to buy land in the proximity and have Jochen and his team overlook the construction, please contact us by email.