Accommodation - Where you will stay during your visit

Houses on Takaungu Escape

The Stone House

The Stone House consists of a basement with a double-bed and can accommodate another 2-4 guests in additional beds upstairs.

The Jani House

The latest addition on the shamba

Sleeps 2-3 in one room. It shares the bathroom and toilet with the Stone House.

The Babu House

The former main house

With the biggest verandah, sleeps 3/4 in one room. Close to kitchen, studio and workshop.

The Chini House

The private house

With shower and toilet, sleeping 3 in two rooms. Outside barbecue.

The Harusi House

The romantic house

The smallest and most intimate, sleeps a couple with child. Sharing toilet and shower with The Babu House.

The Tank House

The private retreat

Sleeps two on the first floor in a hanging bed.

Six architecturally built lifestyle houses provide accommodation designed to enjoy the climate and silence of the property.

A kitchen with pizza oven and kitchen facilities (using wood, charcoal and gas), a workshop for metal or wood-work and a store for tools and generator complete the infrastructure and can be made available according to prior arrangement.

A round glassed-in space for workshops, yoga, dancing, singing, music (great acoustics) craft, small conferences, team building can also be made available if you wish to hold an event.

The Shamba is perfect for small groups (14-16) to gather, connect and experience a coastal Shamba life.